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Filipino & Asian Store in Cork Ireland

  • Sharing some Stores here in Cork, Ireland where we found Pinoy food and ingredients:
    Jia Jia Market (Asian Store)
    FB Page:
    – Lucy Me Noodles (not complete flavor)
    – Lucky Me Pancit Canton
    – Soysauce & Vinegar
    – Chinese Condiments
    – Ssamjang Korean Sauce
    – Frozen Goods (Siomai, Squid Balls, fish, etc)
    – Chinese and Asian Herbs
    – Rice
    – Vegatables (Amplaya, etc)

    Pinoy Oriental Shop (Filipino Store)
    FB Page:
    You can find the following:
    – Lucky Me Noodles (Chicken, Beef, Itnok, Lomi, Lapaz)
    – Lucky Me Pancit Canton
    – Datu Puti/Marca Pina Soycauce & Datu Puti Vinegar
    – Eden Cheese
    – Sinigang Mix
    – Stick O, Piatos, other local chips
    – Frozen Goods (Longganisa, Tocino, Daing Na Bangus, etc)
    – Mega Sardines / Tuna
    – Rice

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