Steroid use at the high school level is becoming more of an issue. It is estimated that between 3-5 of student athletes may be using steroids or a performance enhancing drug. Right now the majority of the states have begun a testing program to not only test the athletes, but also many other students. In light of the recent increase in violence within our schools this will probably become the norm before too long.

At issue is the cost factor. Testing programs for such drugs will run a school district between 100 and 150 thousand dollars for a single year. Where is this money going to come from? School budgets are already over burdened with the rising cost of education. Taxpayers are asking for cuts or at least a budget which holds the line. Keeping the youth of our country safe from drugs is an important element. However, where does the money come from. We already have surcharges in most districts for those who participate in athletics. Now if we attempt to charge just the athletes how do we include the rest of the student body or at least those students deemed to be “at risk” with in a program. This will become a an ever increasing problem at the years pass

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